Charles Caffey - N5CRC

I am a member of the following organizations:

Irving Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association
This group has been formed from graduates of the Irving Citizens Police Academy
which is a 11 week program put on by the Irving Police Department to give the citizens
of Irving an inside look at the workings of the department.
It is one of the most interesting & informative programs I have ever attended.

I have also attended the Irving Citizens Fire Academy which is presented by the
Irving Fire Department
The Academy is offered two times a year and meets one evening
per week for 11 weeks. It gives a great insight on the workings & policies of the department
and a real respect for the hard work involved in their very important jobs.

The City of Irving is a great place to live and being a 4th generation Irvingite, I am enjoying doing my part to help make this city a better place for all of us.

In 2003 Irving celebrated her Centennial Celebration. 1903 - 2003. There was many events commemorating this throughout the year.

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